Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says the alleged armed robbery case involving a cash-in-transit vehicle from Fawcett Security Company on the 25th November 2021 along Harare-Bulawayo Road where USD$334 290 was stolen is an inside job. Pindula News presents a statement by police national spokesperson, assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police wish to clarify information on the alleged armed robbery case involving a cash-in-transit vehicle from Fawcett Security Company on 25th November 2021 at the 243 km peg along Harare-Bulawayo Road near Connemara where USD$ 334 290-00 was stolen.

The Police have now arrested Fawcett Security guard, Bongani Mpofu, Blessing Luwizhi and Josphine Ndlovu in connection with this case which has turned out to be a pure theft episode.

It is now a fact that the guards were lying that they had been approached by two Police Officers and four civilians who were armed and driving an unidentified vehicle.

Comprehensive Police checks have shown that there was a truck that had broken down at the point where the guards’ claims were robbed. According to credible witnesses, the guards did not stop at this point and their vehicle was clearly seen speeding along the Harare-Bulawayo Road towards Kwekwe.

Two other witnesses saw the security vehicle passing through Connemara and stopping at a shopping center for unknown reasons which are now subject to investigation. This clearly indicates an element of inside job and dishonesty on the part of the security guards.

Investigations have revealed that the Fawcett Security guard, who is now in Police custody, Bongani Mapfumo (29) is the kingpin in this false and stage-managed robbery case.

He worked closely with Blessing Luwizhi and picked other notorious criminals in Bulawayo; Sibusiso Ngwenya, Mandla Ncube, Nqobile Moyo, Khumbulani Nyathi, and ‘King’ after agreeing on the looting idea and sharing of the money.

The criminals were picked as if the Fawcett company vehicle was pirating. This included two women who were going to Gweru.
On arrival in Gweru, the suspects were dropped in the Central Business District together with the two women as the guards went to collect US$11 00-00 from Fawcett Gweru.

After the collection, the Fawcett team went on to pick their accomplices whom they had earlier dropped in the Gweru Central Business District.

On arrival at 243 km peg, Harare- Bulawayo Road near Zvakanaka shops, that is between Connemara Open Prison and Hunter Road Shopping Centre, the Fawcett guards and the criminals, picked from Bulawayo, stage-managed the false robbery scene and circumstances.
The criminals’ Honda Fit vehicle which was following behind was then used as a get-away car after loading boxes that had been opened using a bolt cutter and also taking away the company pistols.

One of the suspects Mandla Ncube later delivered US$ 18 000-00 to Blessing Luwizhi’s wife, Josphine Ndlovu in Bulawayo as part of Luwizhi’s share of the loot. The Police have since recovered the US$ 18 000-00 from Josphine Ndlovu.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is therefore appealing for information that may lead to the arrest of the outstanding suspects, Sibusiso Ngwenya, Mandla Ncube, Nqobile Moyo, Khumbulani Nyathi, and ‘King’.

Security Companies are urged to seriously vet their employees and put measures in place to curtail theft of clients’ money by staff using devious means during cash-in-transit assignments.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has intensified investigations into this case and will ensure that the law takes its course without fear or favor.