MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has accused ZANU PF of murdering a party activist, Nyasha Mawere, who succumbed to injuries sustained after being assaulted during Chamisa’s tour of Masvingo a month ago.

Nyasha Mawere was buried in Gutu on Saturday.

Chamisa told The Standard in an exclusive interview on Saturday that the father of one was “killed like a fly.” Said Chamisa:

That’s an issue of impunity and fertilises the breakdown of security of the person and security of the citizen.

We have so many cases of so many people, who have been attacked like this over the past years and how do you kill  somebody like a fly like that?

There is no shame or sense of accountability on the part of those responsible.

This is one of many cases we face as opposition and human rights defenders who continue to be treated in such a manner.

ZANU PF denied responsibility.

Chamisa warned perpetrators of violence that their actions shall haunt them one day adding that “nobody stays in charge forever.”

Zimbabwe has a long history of political violence that dates back to the 1980s where Mugabe unleashed the Fifth Brigade in the Midlands and Matabeleland where supporters of opposition ZAPU led by the late vice president Joshua Nkomo were targeted.

Chamisa said Zimbabwe needed genuine dialogue facilitated by the Southern African Development Community, African Union, South Africa and Zambia to address a “man-made and authored” political and governance crisis.