By A Correspondent- Botswana citizens of Indian origins said recent reports that they are funding opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s nationwide campaigns are false and malicious.

The investors said these false accusations came from a named Army general who wanted to tarnish their image.

Below is the Press statement by Botswana investors in Bradfix inc:

We the Above Botswana Foreign investors and Majority Shareholders of Bradfix incorporated inc, do hereby state, that we are being victimized, intimidated, robbed of our investment rights, lied to, kept away from income and expense reports, plus production information. We are barred, kept away from visiting the mine on our own as Majority 60 % Shareholders, False and Malicious information is relayed to the gold mobilization squad in particular to a certain Colonel Dhlamini and Mr Shumba, some C.I.O. personnel and some C.I.D. police officers some of whom, seem to be bribed and used to make us be seen as Fugitives or Undesirable people ( persona non grata) By Our Zimbabwean Partners Namely Mr Ragin Kassim, his wife Chipo Machona Kassim 40 % Shareholders and their Nephew Onias Maguta with others Mr Wellington Murangariri, Maxwell Musvipa, , Zvidzai Tawa, Mike chirindo, who are staff at the mine and all belong to End time church based in Mashava. Mr Onias Maguta being one of the chief architects, with Mr Ragin Kassim conspire, fabricate, engineer, manipulate, outright lies, in order to put us in a bad light, while they unjustly loot and plunder the production of the mine, to greedily enrich themselves, with more than 15 personal vehicle’s belonging to Mr Ragin Kassim and big houses bought for himself and his Pastor, it must be remembered that Mr Ragin Kassim had not even Usd 100 in March of 2020, yet today he boasts of incredible wealth, over 15 vehicle’s, houses in Masvingo and Harare, house boat in the Zambezi river, A CIP ( carbon in pulp ) plant at his family’s farm in Mashava etc. When we ask for production, and Fidelity Reports, we are shunned, when we ask Mr Ragin Kassim and Mr Onias Maguta to submit Anual returns to Zimra, in order to get tax clearance certificate, they wish to submit nil returns, while we have production. They are not interested in paying taxes to Zimra, when asked to get a tax clearance certificate in order to open a bank account, and to renew ZIDA ( Zimbabwe investment Development Agency) we are not heard, therefore no bank account, no ability to renew our ZIDA licence. We have learned through a minuted report of a meeting with the Gold Mobilization Unit, held with Management on the mining site in February 2021, That block 8470 was not transferred to our company Bradfix inc as per the M.O.A. ( Memorandum Of Agreement ) signed in 2013 between Ragin Kassim and Ourselves, despite 95 % of our investment machinery, equipment and infrastructure placed on the block 8470 by Kassim, this is open and clear Fraud by Ragin Kassim and a violation of the signed Agreement. We applied for an Urgent interdict at the High court of Masvingo March/April 2021 despite the Extreme Urgency of the matter the Judge, ruled not Urgent. This is very Dubios, irregular and places the Judiciary in question. Incidentally the very lawyer Mr Makaus, based in Masvingo, who drew the Memorandum of Agreement for both parties, was the same lawyer who represented Ragin Kassim and Chipo Machona Kassim, this is a direct Confict of Interest by Mr Makaus. Mr Shumba and Colonel Dhlamini have been questioning our freinds in Masvingo falsely alleging we are Mozambican insurgents, plotting to bring about insurgentcy in Zimbabwe, later we are made aware of articles in the media falsely alleging that we are funding Mr Chamisa’s political campaign, The questions are , what do we have to with Mozambique, what do we have to do with creating insurgency and the meddling in the internal politics of Zimbabwe, the answer is none, We have invested in Zimbabwe purely for business, and not for any political or instability reasons whatsoever. Our Partners namely Ragin Kassim, Chipo Machona Kassim and the Chief Architect Onias Maguta are hell bent on tarnishing our names, in order for us not to be allowed entry into Zimbabwe, So that they Loot, steal, rob our hard earned investment in the mine, by bribing misleading state agencies and departments, who must also be thoroughly investigated. His Exellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has made some declarations, that Foreign investors are welcome and protected, and that Zimbabwe is open for business, Yet there are those that directly oppose and challenge His Excellencies call, and must be brought and prosecuted by the full extend of the law, for undermining and bringing negative reactions of investors to Zimbabwe, by the likes of Ragin Kassim, Chipo Machona Kassim and Chief Architect in this here matter Onias Maguta, who incidentally is also a teacher holding two jobs. We pray pray for Absolute Justice, free from corruption and injustice. Suffice to say there is more to say, we reserve the right to comment further at a later stage.