DJ Fantan has taken to social media to speak after his young brother Tinashe Kamudyariwa was brutally attacked by Zimdancehall chanter, Jimmy Mudereri who is popularly known as Silent Killer in the entertainment circles.

Silent Killer, Ella B, Donny, and a fake police officer are alleged to have brutally assaulted Tinashe over an undisclosed issue.

They were nabbed yesterday in Mbare over the attempted murder of Fantan’s young brother.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident saying;

“Silent Killer was arrested by ZRP Mbare and he is in custody at Mbare Stoddart.”

Meanwhile, one of the accomplices is still at large and police are making efforts to arrest him. Investigations are currently underway to establish what actually transpired.

Speaking after his brother was brutally assaulted by Silent Killer and his accomplices, Dj Fantan revealed that before they found Tinashe someone had already informed them that he was dead. He said;

“I received a call from my mother yesterday morning. She was crying saying that my young brother had been brutally murdered by Silent Killer and his 3 friends of which one of them was a police officer.

We ran to Mbare Police Station and the police informed us that there was no report of such a crime. We then drove to Matapi police station and there was no such case.”

He claims that after they went to Matapi Police station and got no report on Tinashe’s death, they took the police and went to Silent Killer’s place of residence.

“We then took the police to where Silent Killer stays and we found my young brother lying down, with blood all over his clothes, bed and on the floor. Silent Killer had blood on his clothes. My young brother was not dead by critical condition and was unable to speak.”

Even though he was unable to speak, Fantan reveals that whilst they were still at Silent Killer’s house, Tinashe informed that Silent Killer and his co-accused put him in handcuffs before they went on to throw bricks and stones at him until he fell unconscious.

Silent Killer and his two friends were arrested on the spot.

Meanwhile, Tinashe was ferried to Harare hospital where he is currently seeking treatment.

“We ferried him to Harare Hospital and he was in a serious condition,” said DJ Fantan.