A bizarre incident has been reported hours ago, concerning a young boy who claimed that for the last eight months, he has been enjoying unprotected 'sessions' with their house maid aged 39.

As reported by 'People Daily' the 13years old said that he was never forced by their nanny and when they tried it for the first time, he actually loved the sessions something which prompted him to go everyday. He disclosed that their nanny had told him to put the matter as a secret between them.

He said that they used to enjoy moments between 1pm- 4pm either in the kitchen or sitting room when the parents are away for work. The boy was caught by her sister watching graphic videos on her phone and this made the whole family to start spying on him since he couldn't explain where he had learned such. The house maid is currently being held in custody since the boy was still a minor despite the fact that he was very willing to engage in the act.