What started as an ideal campaign against Gender Based Violence through an honest confession has turned sour for former Kwaito star, Kabelo Mabalane.
Fans condemn him for opening about his violence against women decades later to avoid legal implications.

Kabelo launched a #NoExcuse campaign for men to take full responsibility of the unacceptable behavior and change for the better.

In doing so, he revealed that he too was a perpetrator of this crime at a young age. He claims to have took ownership of his actions and changed.

Kabelo Mabalane's GBV Confession Backfires Decades Later
Kabelo Mabalane’s GBV Campaign Dupped #NoExcuse Launch

He now encourages men to do the same and promises hope that they too can change from this socially unacceptable behaviour.

“Last week we launched #NoExcuse.

A campaign that vehemently condemns intimate partner violence.

As a young man I too was a perpetrator of this shameful cowardly behaviour.

The shame and the embarrassment made me shy away from these spaces and I’ve since learned that as important as it is to take full responsibility for this reprehensible unacceptable behaviour, I am also now at a place where I appreciate the importance of lending my voice to fighting this pandemic.

To the perpetrators there is hope and there is healing. Don’t be afraid to get help.



It seems like his message has a bad taste on social media users who are now bashing him for his campaign.

It is claimed that he beat up his previous girlfriend Noni Gasa to a point where she lost her partial hearing.

Some fans think this campaign is a PR initiative to clear his name.

Here are some comments on social media;