DRUGS worth thousands of United States Dollars were lost at Shamva district hospital pharmacy  after it caught fire this  morning.

The pharmacy building was reduced to a shell after being razed down by fire. 
The case was confirmed by Chaminuka rural district council Chairman  Nevson Zvizhinji.

"I can confirm that fire destroyed the pharmacy and  Shamva mine rescue team battled to put out the fire and were later joined by Harare City fire brigade," Zvizhinji said.

Nurses at the hospital said among the lost drugs were COVID-19 vaccines and ARVs.

"We lost a number of drugs worth thousands of dollars and among the drugs were COVID-19 vaccines and ARVs," said the sources who declined to be named.

Shamva residents described the incident as a l oss to the entire district as the hospital serves as a referral centre for several clinics across the district.

"It is very sad sad to note that our district has lost drugs and a building in such a manner, the hospital was serving the entire district since most clinics were referring their patients here," Dudzai Gomwe explained.