SOUTH AFRICA’S Department of Transport says it is making steady progress on the construction of a new R677 million project in Limpopo which aims to reduce travel time between the popular Beit Bridge border post, and neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The new ring road from Musina South to Musina North commenced in December 2019 and is set to be completed in 2022. The project’s main purpose is to divert the N1 traffic around the town of Musina, and is managed by the Raubex Group.

More than 1 000 heavy vehicles and trucks use the N1 passing through Musina city centre daily. Intersections and lower speed restrictions create heavy traffic congestion and damage to infrastructure in the town’s central business district.

The road will ease congestion between Musina and Beit Bridge border post, a gateway to many other Sothern African Development Community countries that trade with South Africa, such as Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Zimbabwe is also upgrading the Beitbridge Border Post, which is expected to improve the free flow of goods and strengthen the security of goods and people. The Beitbridge border gate processes approximately 300 trucks daily, both inbound and outbound.