Controversial Zimbabwean-born South African painter Rasta the Artist has come under fire on social media yet again. This time Rasta is being accused of hating and dissing black people after he revealed a somewhat accurate and excellent impression of former president FW de Klerk.

Rasta, real name Lebani Sirenje, has become notorious for his paintings of prominent deceased people, mainly South Africans, as his paintings somehow never seem to resemble their subjects at all. This has led to speculation that Rasta does this deliberately to attract attention.

Social media users were not impressed to note that FW de Klerk’s painting was near perfect, yet Rasta has butchered numerous paintings of black people in the past. This led to accusations that Rasta willfully disrespects black people with his depictions of them. They questioned how he was able to do an accurate potrayal of FW de Klerk, the last white president of Apartheid South Africa.


"Rasta Hates Black People": Social Media Fumes Following "Accurate" Painting Of FW De Klerk
“Rasta Hates Black People”: Social Media Fumes Following “Accurate” Painting Of FW De Klerk



Below are some of the reactions to Rasta’s paintings from social media.