Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance vice president Hon Tendai Biti has challenged the Zanu PF regime to pay civil servants’ salaries in US dollars.

According to Hon Biti, the local currency has been totally eroded by rising inflation and incessant price hikes.

“The payment of civil servants bonuses in US$ is an implicit admission that the regime can in fact pay US$ salaries Therefore Unions,public sector workers must demand payment of their salaries in US$.More than that the payment is an admission of the failure& worthlessness of Zim,” said Hon Biti.

He added:
“Greatest post coup tragedy is that Zim now has a regime driven by the agenda of extraction looting & aggrandizement.Crony capitalism was not invented in Zim but Mnangagwa s regime has perfected it . Zim has truly become quintessential definition of a Kakistocracy. How sad.

The arbitrage created by the rigged auction system is placing massive premium on Zim’s Development Agenda.Billions are being stolen which could be funding schools&hospitals. Further wealth is being shifted from the poor to ZANU elites thus increasing inequality gene coefficient.”