I am surprised by the manner in which some companies are left flouting the interbank rate and yet the Governor ignores them just like that!

Is he sincere in his talk to deal with black market or maybe he is benefiting from this misdemeanor!

Who doesn't know that many companies are charging their prices using rates as high as ZW$170/USD$? Why are they left scot free? Where is the RBZ Intelligence Unit to appraise Dr Mangudya of what the current situation is on the ground?

Maybe I am missing something here, which a well informed person might appraise me? You buy poultry feeds at exorbitant ZW$ prices! We are paid our salaries  in  ZW$ but the high prices quickly swallow the salaries we get!

Why can't these shops adhere to the interbank rate? Why can't they be arrested? Why do they continue to benefit from shoddy deals? Is the interbank rate benefiting anyone at all? 

I call upon the RBZ to send their representatives to any shop and pretend to be buying hardwares, poultry feeds, agricultural inputs and discover how we are fleeced by these companies?

Can something be done urgently to curb this interbank rate flouting malpractice. 

Wilfred Mazani, a concerned citizen of Zimbabwe