Recently, the government introduced new Covid-19 measures to curb the spread of the disease at schools.

This comes after concerns that schools and other learning institutions are becoming the latest Covid-19 hotspots.

Some of the new Covid-19 measures for schools announced by Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa include the following:

  1. enhancement of surveillance and contact-tracing at schools and in the surrounding communities;
  2. increasing on-site COVID-19 testing of all suspected cases, contacts and surrounding communities;
  3. isolation and management of all COVID-19-positive cases;
  4. quarantining of those exposed;
  5. restriction of movement into and out of the affected schools until the outbreaks have been controlled;
  6. enhancement of public health and social protocols, including social distancing, hand washing, sanitization and wearing of face masks;
  7. empowering teachers to detect and report suspected cases;
  8. enhancement of awareness campaigns in schools and surrounding communities; and
  9. vaccination of all eligible populations in schools and surrounding communities.