Calls For Mai Titi’s Deportation: V11s Produced By Rutendo Samaz.

“I got to the point of wishing for her to go back. What I wanted was for this person to become peaceful.”


By Showbiz Reporter | The US based socialite Rutendo on Tuesday morning opened a vault of audios against the ZANU PF activists Mai Titi, playing some of them on live video.

Mai Titi

The audios (part transcript below) were released as Rutendo explained that she did not throw herself on Felistas’ boyfriend, Shepherd.


Mai Titi: I am just watching the movie, what time are you coming? Huh? Huh? Manje manje? Why are you looking like that?

Rutendo: Batai apa, apa the owner of the house has called….

Mai Titi: I am at the movie House, I am watching the movie.

You want to send me home?

Between the houses?

BOYFRIEND: ….what I don’t want is to make noise …

Mai Titi: UNCLEAR … Tomorrow what time are you going to work?

I want to go for my shopping…


Mai Titi: He put a message for me I think he wanted to come today.

BOYFRIEND: So what do you want to do?

Mai Titi:. That’s why I am saying if you’re busy we will go together…


Mai Titi: I don’t know ..

BOYFRIEND: So what if he doesn’t have a a car, even an ID.

Mai Titi: He doesn’t have a car?

BOYFRIEND: He is not mobile.

Mai Titi: I don’t know I am just asking… Since you said this is the person I can hang out with..


Mai Titi: On Friday, to see my aunt. They were saying an hour before.

BF: On Monday. What time?

Mai Titi: in think it’s in the morning I am going to check.


BF: UNCLEAR. I will talk with him .

Mai Titi: I have paused because I was watching a movie.


Mai Titi: I have paused.

BF: Who were you talking with?

Mai Titi: Why do you always think I will be talkin to somebody?


Mai Titi: Being online doesn’t mean I am talking to somebody.

Loveness: Cat family, grab these words. Advise her… I have been quiet, but this time this Mbuya has come out. The one coming out is the Mbuya. When she sleeps learn by sleeps. Don’t judge me. I have options to send summons to someone in New Jersey, cease and desist. But if you push me to levels I will go to extremes. I was bullied, real bullying do you hear? I got to the point of wishing for her to go back. What I wanted was for this person to become peaceful.

I am called Dinhi, meaning Mudhinhiwe, ask my brothers, my late father will tell you.

I will keep quiet.

In North Carolina, there was drama. Over here there was drama.

Baba was calling saying leave this place you are busy with Chihure.