A Bindura Veterinary Department employee is alleging that the Chief Director Dr. Josphat Nyika is involved in corrupt activities which made the department lose about US$80 000.

The Human Resources and Administration Assistant Tererai Tsvakwi made the report of the corrupt shenanigans happening at the Mashonaland Central Headquarters but were not being investigated.

He told this publication that he was suspended without salary for three months pending investigations and hearing, at the same time going to appear in court for a misconduct case that was set up on him.

The victimization allegedly began after he had written a letter addressed to the then Acting Provincial Veterinary officer for Mashonaland Central Dr. Takunda Chikaka dated 4 September 2020 requesting him to institute investigations against the alleged criminals.

In the letter, which this publication is in possession of, Tsvakwi alleges that the department would have lost above US$80 000.00 through corruption and shoddy procurement deals by procurement and finance committee members who paid for services that were never delivered.

Tsvakwi alleges that Jena Borehole Drilling company was paid about US$7 000.00 for the drilling of a borehole at their Shamva District office which was connivance between the procurement and finance members to pay for services before they are rendered.

"Furthermore, some members of accounts and procurement proceeded to another supplier who erected the electricity poles at the office for a borehole and demanded 10% of the money he had charged to award the supplier a contract.

About US$3 500.00 was paid to him but the poles never worked as the borehole was never drilled," read part of the letter.

He further alleges that for some time motorbikes from the province were purportedly serviced but the condition did not sync with the condition and the users always complained about the deteriorated state of the bikes.

The supplier was given the contract not on merit, but because he was a close friend to one of the procurement committee members.

A whooping US$40 000.00 was paid for steel roofing for houses from districts but some types of houses were being charged differently and exorbitantly so that the finance and procurement committee members would get kickbacks.

Tsvakwi further alleges that there is a racket within the department that is selling dipping chemicals allegedly stolen before they are sent to their districts of destination.

In the letter he also says before being suspended, he was transferred from the provincial to the district office and was removed from the procurement committee where he was the Vice Chair.

Contacted for comment, Jena Borehole Drilling manager Mr. Gerald Matanhire said,"I only understand that the borehole was not drilled because the district had put up water tanks at Shamva District offices."

The Chief Director in the Veterinary Department Dr. Josphat Nyika said he was not aware of the issue.

"I am not aware of the issue.

The director of Veterinary services could be handling the issue since the concerned employees do not report to me directly and the issue is a serious one which needs serious investigations," he said.

In the letter, many issues were raised and Tsvakwi alleges that there are a lot more he is aware of as he was the Human Resources and Administration Assistant.

Tsikada who was an administrative officer was transferred to Mt Darwin district after he had reported about the same issues.

All these issues are allegedly not being investigated because the involved perpetrators have a strong relationship with the Chief Director Dr. Nyika.