ontroversial Masvingo preacher Isaac Makomichi reportedly wrote a letter to government seeking permission to resurrect the dead.

Makomichi is reportedly awaiting approval of his request.

Several sources claimed Makomichi says he wants to visit Parirenyatwa Group Of Hospitals mortuary and he will not allow one eyed individuals/doctors and relatives to witness the miracle.

He claimed the dead would be come back to life for 12 hours.

Several church leaders accuse Makomichi of using secret powers to “move mountains and to perform some shocking miracles”,

He is known for “making people rich and distributing love charms to slayqueens.”

Makomichi said that if he resurrects someone, relatives must pay US$1000 per hour and the dead would reveal his/ her last wishes.

“[22/11, 22:13] Isac Makomichi: I only charge 1000 to resurrect, per hour. I can do it for 1 to 12 hours … kindly contact +263777469342 for help
[22/11, 22:13] : 😁😁😁,”
Makomichi posted on WhatsApp.

These are signs of the end time, he can perform anything because his powers are not from God; said one believer