Information Ministry secretary Nick Mangwana has come out to refute allegations circulating on social media claiming that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was heavily intoxicated during the fundraising event that was held at the State House last Friday.

President Mnangagwa become a subject of lewd jokes after a video of him seemingly looking ‘drunk’ and being assisted by Deputy Sports Minister Tino Machakaire and Harare businessman Farai Matsika went viral.

Taking to his Twitter page, Permanent secretary Nick Mangwana said the public had misunderstood the video as Mnangagwa was not drunk. Instead, he argued that he was sober as a judge.

He went on to share an extension of the so-called drunk video.

To set the record straight, Nick Mangwana also shared a video of President Mnangagwa leaving the fundraising event and walking without the assistance of his aides.

Mangwana also shared another video of how the walk hand in hand which promoted the public to speculate that the President was heavily intoxicated started.