Chimurenga musician Admire "Chief Shumba" Sanyanga Sibanda who became popular with his hit song "ED Pfee" has lamented the lack of publicity.

Chief Shumba believes he is working hard and is not getting the recognition and publicity for his works.

Speaking to the Hwenje artiste challenged journalists to be fair in their reporting.

"I really do not understand our reporters these days, they are not fair they want negative stories but l am working hard with various artistes without being recognized," lamented Chief Shumba.

"When are you going to write good about me, are good stories going to come on my funeral or after my death."

Chief Shumba is well-known for dissing opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, private media journalists like Simba Chikanza and Hopewell Chin'ono in the song "internet."

His songs are played at every ZANU PF rally and when his current song titled Dhakota featuring Kapfupi is played Zanu PF members join the dance floor.

The Chimurenga artiste has worked with various musicians like Baba Harare, Tatenda Pinjisi, Prophet T Freddy among others.