SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean couple, Brian and Emma Sigauke has written a marriage anthology titled Men, Your Wife is Not Your Relative, a guidance for married couples and youths looking to settle down.

Sigauke told NewsDay Life & Style that the book’s first chapters help the reader understand what marriage is, selecting a partner, avoiding pitfalls such as lust and the dangers associated with other people selecting partners for them.

“What should one be looking for when selecting a marriage partner and how to go about it. The last chapter speaks on marriage, the institution, its exceptions and challenges thereof,” he said.

“In the book, examples are used in the form of scenarios, which are works of fiction as a way of emphasising and bringing clarity to the topic at hand. The book is inspired by the 10 years my wife and I have worked as Christian youth counsellors.”

Sigauke said they had encountered problems portrayed in the book.

“I was driven by lust and now the spark is gone, and I realise that I do not love my wife or girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. This inspired us to write this book using our experiences in the years of our marriage at the time and research,” he said.

“The title of the book was inspired by a common saying in Zimbabwe that goes ‘men, your wife is not your relative’. It is said in a derisive manner to discourage squabbling couples, but we use it in a different manner.”

Sigauke said young African men should not be misled by the notion foisted upon them by a society that men are bullies who should see a wife as a slave or sex quencher and child bearer.

“We use this saying (men, your wife is not your relative) to highlight the trouble it causes of misogyny and male toxic masculinity, we highlight that a wife is a partner, helper and friend,” he said.

Sigauke said the book had received positive feedback.

“This book is, indeed, changing lives and we are humbled. The hard copies are available only in South Africa at the moment since it was launched recently, hence we are in the process of distributing it,” he said.

“On Amazon, it is available both in hard and soft copies while only the hard copy is on Takealot. For Zimbabwean readers, the book will be available for purchase at the end of November while pre-orders are available via our Facebook page.”

He said his debut book titled The Power of Collectivity was published in 2017.

The Power of Collectivity is a self-book in the Christian genre that speaks about the importance of working together as a group in order to achieve goals. I am a Christian author. When I am not writing Christian books, I write fiction in the literary genre,” he said.

“In 2018, I published a compilation of short stories titled I Rest My Case in a collection of eight short stories about life in Zimbabwe.”