My Dear People,

THIS week is a painful one for me, I almost didn't write to you because I feel so much pain.

I know what you are thinking. You think it was painful because it marks four years since the military tanks forced Baba out.

To the contrary, it's painful because four years ago I realised how Zimbabweans' so-called high literacy rate and high levels of education are nothing more than a charade.

Honestly, where in the world do educated and literate people celebrate a coup?

As Dread Patso said, Zimbabweans were used on that fateful November four years ago.

My heart bleeds for you my people, you failed to see beyond your noses.

Look at the brave people of Sudan, they don't accept nonsense.

When the army staged a coup, the people stood against the army, not with the army.

A coup is a disgrace and should never be celebrated.

Now, who can look me in the eye - except Launchmore's children - and tell me their lives have improved since the coup?

The prices of everything have skyrocketed since the coup, joblessness has increased and all you, my people are getting, is half-baked propaganda.

There is a saying that you don't kick a man — a person, if I am gender correct — when he is down, but you deserve everything you are going through for the simple reason that you were dull enough to celebrate a coup kkk.

I know I will get a few insults, but the truth has to be told.

Speaking of the coup, my heart bled when I saw Marry Mubaiwa twerking during the inauguration four years ago.

She thought she had arrived. She was the second lady, so she thought.

Today Marry is languishing in remand prison, facing a plethora of charges.

I am not a lawyer or a magistrate, so I won't go into details lest I be charged for writing about something that is sub judice.

Then people say I am not a real PhD holder when I am using such big words.

I am sorry for Marry, my heart bleeds for her. I really don't think anyone deserves to go through what she is going through.

She is clearly unwell and nobody seems to care for her and her only refuge is Twitter where she posts her rants about how her estranged husband takes no instructions from anyone, not even Launchmore.

But Marry's situation reflects what Zimbabweans are going through.

You, my people, all twerked for the coup, you didn't think about tomorrow, you only lived for one day.

You thought you had arrived, look at you now. Like Marry you are all suffering, yet you thought a coup and men in uniform were your salvation.

I am not gloating at Marry's situation, but it is metaphoric for the generality of Zimbabweans.

Tomorrow will be the burial of SK, a loveable penny pincher, whom life dealt a terrible set of cards.

SK is probably the only person that Baba ever gave the post "senior minister".

All was set for him to assume the post of VP and he started making allies thinking he was a shoe in for the post.

Unfortunately, one of his allies was Teurai Ropa, who had fallen out of favour with Baba and so Cde SK missed out on the vice-presidency, which went to Cde Report, who wasn't known by many at that time.

It was so bad for Cde SK that Baba even "demolished" the chairmanship position in the party.

It was a case of so near yet so far for Cde SK. He had to go back to the drawing board to literally lick his wounds.

But being the good guy that he was, I am talking about Baba here kkk, he soon forgave Cde SK, who was soon back in the thick of things.

SK is probably the only person who has had the honour or dishonour of announcing the firing of two presidents, literally.

First, he gave us that gem of Launchmore lacking probity.

Besides all of Baba's speeches, that quote is probably one of the most quotable quotes in the history of Zimbabwe.

Next, he, unfortunately, had to fire Baba. That was probably a low in his life, as I know SK was loyal to a fault.

Since the coup, SK's stature has been on the wane and his failing health did not make matters any better for him.

He was one of the good ones. May he rest in peace.

As a black person, I believe that our ancestors look after us and punish those who have wronged us.

Don't call me superstitious, we were raised like that.

I firmly believe that Baba isn't happy at Launchmore's people's moves to exhume him.

I mean, how else can we explain that Launchmore was beating his chest when he launched those houses in Beitbridge.

But guess what avenging spirits did, the following morning the roofs had been blown off. I think Baba is punishing Launchmore.

Also, since they started their ill-fated moves to exhume Baba, the Zim dollar has been losing value both on the parallel and official rate.

Baba's avenging spirit will continue to strike until these people apologise.

Stop It!!!!!!


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (FAKE)