Five people have been found dead at Mavhuradonha Mountain by a hunter after they had gone missing on November 03 2021.

It is alleged that a woman (29), visited her mother (69) together with her children in Manhondo village, Mukumbura Mt Darwin. The mother then decided to accompany her daughter together with her three kids, back to her husband's home.

The five never reached their destination and only to be found two weeks later dead, by a hunter.

"The ZRP reports that bodies of five people aged sixty-nine years, twenty-nine years, seven years, five years, and a one-year-old minor, were found at Mavhuradonha Mountain today by a hunter who then reported to the police.

"It is claimed that the family had left Manhondo village, Mukumbura Mt Darwin on foot on their way to Guruve, a distance of about 200km on 03/11/21," confirmed the Zimbabwe Republic Police.