Stand-up comedian Long John’s comedy night on cards. The 28-year-old entertainer, who renews his romance with comedy fanatics this Saturday with a one-man performance at Reps Theatre, says comedy is also a therapy needed to heal bleeding hearts.

South Africa-based stand-up comedian, Long John-The Comedian, reckons Zimbabweans need laughter to ease their burdens. “You might be working three, four or five jobs but as soon as you attend comedy, that eases the pain, you forget that pain,” he said.

The multiple award-winning comedian, who is working closely with South Africa-based arts promoter Tongai Mbirimi of Xtratime Entertainment, gave fans a gist of what Unsatized was all about.

“It was actually Tongai (Mbirimi)’s ideal but it made sense to my material. “My material is unfiltered, its raw, I talk about real things that I see around me, things that I have learned when I travel around the world, its dirty hence unsanitised,” he said.

Better known as the Village Boy back home, the talented entertainer – born Learnmore Learn more Mwenyenyeke – promised fans a show to remember. “I last performed in Zimbabwe in 2019 on Valentine’s at Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre.

“Fans should expect a new and improved Long John, one things which happened in lockdown is that I reflected on myself and my comedy. “After lockdown, I changed a couple of things in comedy performances like the way I perform, the way I write, they should expect to learn something new in my show,” he said.

The well-travelled Long John said he was impressed by the appeal of comedy back home.  “It’s funny because when I started comedian, there were only five comedians the whole of Zimbabwe and now there are a lot of comedians, thanks to Simuka Comedy Night.

“These guys (Simuka Comedy Night) are really nurturing comedians so it’s really growing, it’s like the new Zimdancehall.” He however said would-be comedians deserved ample time before they join the elite league of stars. “New comedians need time; we are not yet there as comedians but there is a lot of talent,” he said.

Despite establishing himself across the Limpopo where there is stiff competition, he has vowed to share some of the lessons with his kith and kin. “To date, I have I have toured Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, the UK and USA next year.

“In South Africa where I am based, there is an industry, their industry is old and there is so much to learn in terms of comedy and performances.

“In South Africa I have learnt that experience is key, you got to perform every day and imagine your material grows every second, I have also leant to be different, every comedian has her own different style,” he said. Asked what makes him different from other comedians, Long John explained:

“I am a village boy, I come from Chimanimani, that has become my identity, I have to learnt to be who I am. “For me I just say knowing who I am have helped me, ndiri mu Ndau and I am proud of it; that makes me different because I am myself.”

Meanwhile, fans will have to fork out $10 for the two-year performance starting at 7pm. While all the eyes would be on Long John, the lanky comedian has vowed to give upcoming comedians the platform to shine at the event.

Long John, who was raised by his uncles back in Chimanimani before he became a household name, is proud of his roots. He said he still visits his rural home and plans are underway for him to organise a Christmas in his home town of Chimanimani.

Long John boasts of several awards among them the NAMA Outstanding Comedian for 2019 and 2020, Savanna Pan African Comedian 2019, Steve Harvey’s Spotlight Audience Choice Winner 2019 among other accolades.

Source – H-Metro