TATEGURU vekwaChikwaka, Svikiro Benhura, the Chikwaka family spirit medium whose role is to govern the Chikwaka chieftainship, has fined controversial Murambiwa Bungu, Chief Chikwaka, over his alleged bribe seeking tendencies exposed in the Prophet T Freddy scandal.

The spirit medium told our news crew, Bungu was not the rightful chief, adding she wanted him to pay two beasts for the disgrace he has brought onto the Chikwaka family.

The two beasts, she said, will be slaughtered and the meat will be consumed by villagers at a traditional ceremony.

Chief Chikwaka is said to have demanded payment of US$15 000 and a top of the range vehicle from Prophet T. Freddy after he was accused of having slept with Rutendo Makuti Mubweza less than a year after her husband passed on.

Chief Chikwaka is said to have hired police officers to force Prophet T. Freddy to pay the bribe which Mubweza later demanded for herself.

Her brother allegedly went on to demand another US$20 000.

“All the chiefs who have governed this area have done so using the laws I give them, not this one, he has decided to go his way. This land has no chief, he bought his chieftainship during the (late President Robert) Mugabe era and has been doing as he pleases. His name is Murambiwa because his father denied his mother’s preg_nancy, he is not a Chikwaka, he is not a family member and had to buy the throne,” the spirit medium said.

“This matter has been in various courts for the past nine years but what I want is that he pays me two beasts, one which came from the Dzivaremvura clan, and another which people will eat outside, here. I saved him when he was on the verge of death, but he has not been here since,” she said.

The Chikwaka family has since lodged a formal complaint with the Local Government Ministry and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on a raft of charges they are yet to make public.