We have come to the end of 2021 and 2023 the year of Zimbabwe's general elections is  fast approaching.It is the author's predictions that Zanu PF will win the the 2023 elections against Chamisa the fake MDC Alliance President. 

The author believes in a multi-party democracy as enshrined in Zimbabwe's supreme law the constitution of Zimbabwe . The author believes that it is a right for every Zimbabwean to form or join a political party of choice freely and that nobody must be persecuted for leading or becoming a member of any political party.However, regardless of those democratic guarantees and democratic rights on multi party democracy Chamisa's party is not yet ready to lead. Chamisa's party is still acting like a baby learning how to crawl let alone to walk. Chamisa and a bunch of those surrounding him who claim to be learned are not yet mature enough to devise working strategies to remove Zanu PF from power. 

The immaturity of the Chamisa party(I don't want to call Chamisa's party the MDC because the supreme court ruled that Chamisa was not the legitimate MDC leader) is their obsession with the GNU. Look we are less that two years from the General Elections and still a nameless party led by Chamisa thinks a GNU is the only the way to go. That kind of thinking capacity is just horrible and pathetic.Calling for the formation of  unending GNUs as advocated by Chamisa and Mwonzora is not only  unconstitutional but absurd and a threat to multiparty democracy. Those political leaders obsessed with talks which will result in GNUs must not be taken seriously. It is also shameful for any political leader to call for the postponement of any constitutionally scheduled elections. 

The opposition parties must be robust and not just cold and docile. The author believes that opposition political parties must make sure the ruling party is kept on its toes, always giving the ruling party a run to make sure that the it delivers . It is also the role of opposition party to make sure that the ruling party is accountable to the public. The two MDCs are nowhere to be compared to EFF or DA of South Africa.The debates of the two MDCs in both houses are just lukewarm and leave a lot to be desired. I don't see any role played by Chamisa or Mwonzora's MPs in parliament. They are always quite , they suggest nothing , they don't interrogate any Minister over any policy and you wonder if Chamisa wins the Presidency what would be his parliament like with such a bunch of lukewarm , docile and quite MPs in his parliament. 

The opposition political  party is there to show that it can give citizens an alternative government by showing the weaknesses and shortcomings of the ruling party.The MDC had failed on that regard. Where the ruling party's economic policies are not sound, the opposition party must explain it's alternative policies to the public. The opposition political party  must indeed show that they can run the country in a better way than what the ruling party is doing. The MDC has failed to articulate it's policies.  Chamisa does not have a shadow cabinet. Mwonzora tried to set a shadow cabinet but I don't see any alternative policies coming from his so called shadow cabinet. There is confusion from both sides of the MDCs. The only songs which is clear from the MDCs is that of wanting to hold talks with ED . What talks seriously?  Nobody knows what the two formations of the MDC stands for. 

Can you imagine that less than two years before the General Elections Chamisa's party is yet to pick a name,its party symbol

, postal address and party offices. The Chamisa party thinks that its silly and stupid slogan NGAAPINDE HAKE MUKOMANA is their party name. If that is not a sign of disorganization and lake of direction what can that be? If a party show clear signs of of disorganization how can the electorate entrusts such people with the power to run the affairs of the state and government. The electorate will reject such childish and mediocre leadership in 2023.

The leadership of a political party must be entrusted to someone who had previously been a leader in business or in some social cycles. One American writer says a prospective party or state president must be chosen from local celebrities. A prospective president must have achieved something in society in order for him to earn a celebrity title in the country. Tsvangirai was a celebrity in the sense that he had led the ZCTU as it's Secretary General and thus he was qualified to lead the MDC. What had Chamisa achieved in order for him to qualify to takeover from Tsvangirai in 2018?He is known only for the Zuva judgement which resulted in the loss of jobs for a lot of the impoverished Zimbabwean workers both in public and the private sector. Both Chamisa and Mwonzora do not have any qualities to lead their parties let alone to lead Zimbabwe. They are unelectable to the Head of State and Government vacancy. 

The MDC party has failed to prove it can be that alternative government. Chamisa's MDC has blamed the Zanu PF government for the economic woes facing the country but the party had failed to articulate it's own  policies to Zimbabweans. What the MDC had managed to articulate since the 2018 elections is that of begging ED for a GNU. The MDC was successful on that area. It succeeded  to tell the masses that POLAD is useless and that ED must talk  to Chamisa alone. They just want power and the perks which comes with the new government roles. Perks like porshy  cars, ministerial positions and the flushy life style which will follow after the GNU fills their dreams.The call for talks and GNU is driven by selfish interests and nothing for the poor Zimbabwean masses. The MDC formations do  not have  clear plans to turn around the economy of the country for the benefit of the general public.

It is the author's conclusion that it will be a grave error for Zimbabweans to vote for Chamisa or Mwonzora because the two do not have any leadership qualities to lead Zimbabwe neither do they have any vision or viable plans to turn around the fortunes of Zimbabwe.

Etiwel Mutero is an archivist and a political commentator.He writes in his personal capacity. +263773614293 [email protected]