Classes have been stopped at Mbungu Secondary School in Gokwe South District after suspected goblins attacked female learners at the school premises.

In a video that has emerged on social media platforms, there is chaos everywhere as dozens of concerned parents and pupils appear in a state of shock because of the strange events unfolding right in front of their eyes.

Numerous girls in school uniforms can be heard crying loudly and running wildly as if mysterious forces were pummelling them.

It looks as if they have been possessed by evil spirits but a community member who was at the scene said all the learners were crying saying they were being beaten presumably by goblins.

Some community members wearing what appears to be religious regalia are seen in the video praying for the pupils.

This incident comes at the backdrop of two others that ended up fatally.

Eight prophets from Vadzidzi VaJesu died when they reportedly fell into a trance and dived into a pool of water to retrieve a holy stick.

iHarare reported that the prophets were competing to retrieve the stick which would then earn them the position of baptist in the church.

Eight of the contestants drowned while three were rescued. The pool, along Mazowe river, is said to be holy.

Incidents of mysterious things happening in the area have been reported before.

Watch the video below:

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