Controversial Norton Legislator Temba Mliswa has once again found himself in the spotlight after a married man accused him of snatching his wife.

Tafadzwa Tamangani (46) accused Temba Mliswa of snatching his wife Janet Tamangani, resulting in him bashing her.

The matter came to light after Tamangani appeared before Harare magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure to answer to gender-based violence charges.

In a threaded tweet, Temba Mliswa set the record straight ad explained his relationship with Janet Tamangani. Responding to the allegations, Temba Mliswa said that he and Janet have known each other since their parents were friends and as such, they have a close friendship.

He revealed that they used to live together in Waterfalls and have done business together at some point in time. He said there was nothing sinister about their friendship as she considers him a brother and an uncle to her kids.

Tafadzwa told the court that Temba Mliswa’s relationship with his wife was causing friction in his marriage.

Temba Mliswa, however, denied claims by Tafadzwa accusing the latter of being a ‘no-gooder’ who does nothing to provide for his family.

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Tafadzwa, who is currently going through divorce proceedings with his wife alleges that his wife relocated to Temba  Mliswa’s Borrowdale residence for three months and only came back armed with a peace order.

In response, Temba claims that Tendai came to stay with him after Tafadzwa assaulted him.

Temba Mliswa also went on to share video footage of Tafadzwa violently grabbing Tendai after physically assaulting her.

Temba Mliswa claims that the only reason why Tafadzwa is angry with him and dragging his name through the mud is because he advised Tendai to report him to the police for assaulting him.

“He used to draw money clandestinely from their accounts. He has always abused her, beat her up and I have previously told Janet to take the kids to boarding school so as to avoid the toxic atmosphere at home.

I advised about them about Rydings school where my own kids go to so that I could also assist when they couldn’t. When she was beaten this time I advised her to go and report to the police. That is the reason her husband is angry at me. He is a wife beater, lazy and useless,” Temba Mliswa retorted.