A 35-year-old man was murdered on Sunday following an argument over who will rule Zimbabwe, police have said.

Political tensions have risen in Zimbabwe ahead of presidential elections in two years.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is expected to challenge the current head of state, Emmerson Mnangagwa, for the second time since Robert Mugabe was deposed in a coup in 2017.
“The ZRP is investigating a murder case which occurred in Glendale, where Irvine Mafuratidze (35) was murdered by suspect Zulu Kondwani (50) after some political arguments on who will rule the country, on October 31 at about 1400 hrs,” police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said.

“Police urges the public to shun dealing in illicit drugs for the safety of communities and the country in general,” he added.

The murder follows a spate of murders which has prompted the Zimbabwean police to caution citizens to resolve their disputes amicably and respect the sanctity of human life.

Elsewhere, a 15-year-old student died while fighting over a boyfriend with another learner aged 16 on October 29 at Mawala, Ngwaladi area in Gwelutshena, police said.

“The suspect stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife which she was given by her cousin (14),” Nyathi said.

The police is also investigating circumstances surrounding a murder case which occurred at Chirasha Mine, Kadoma on November 2 in which a body of a 29-year-old man was found in a gold processing hut with a deep cut on the head and strangling marks on the neck.

In a related case, Police in Harare are investigating an attempted murder case in which Lloyd Jack (26) stabbed a bar tender, Shadreck Mhizha (27) on the stomach with an unknown sharp object on November 2 at Joy Centre, Machipisa.

“The suspect had alleged that the victim had not given him change after buying beer,” Nyathi said.

Police in Bulawayo arrested Zibusiso Mkwananzi (30), Meluleki Mhlahewa (24) and Professor Dube (26) for a case of attempted murder which occurred on November 1 at Pumula North suburb.

“The suspects teamed up and assaulted the victim, Siphiso Nxumalo (41) with fists before one of the suspects stabbed him with a knife on head. The victim was accused of having a love affair with one of the suspects’ girlfriend,” Nyathi said.

In Gweru, Leo Kanyimo (38) allegedly killed his wife, Chipo Shava (30) along with two children Innocent Kanyimo (6) and Tadisa Kanyimo aged just 11 months.

Kanyimo murdered his wife and two kids in cold blood on Tuesday afternoon following an argument with his wife over a US$1 note she had used to buy jiggies for their children.