Zimbabweans online have slammed the churches in the country for blocking South African media personality Somizi “Somgaga” Mhlongo from visiting the country. Some Zimbabweans were not impressed with the stance taken by the churches, accusing them of hypocrisy, double standards and misplaced priorities.

Somizi Mhlongo, who is openly gay, was supposed to attend the official reopening of the iconic Garwe Restaurant in Harare on November 4 as a guest chef.

However, youths from the ruling ZANU PF party and churches under the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) took offence at the invitation of the celebrity chef.

The churches wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office, calling on the government to take action against the visit of Somizi. The churches argued that Somizi’s presence would corrupt the morals of Zimbabweans.

The religious organisation also said that same-sex unions are illegal in Zimbabwe and cited principles from Christianity and African traditional religion to bolster their position.

However, Zimbabweans online were not impressed with the churches’ stance against Somizi attending a private function. They accused the churches of hypocrisy and double standards for mobilising against Somizi Mhlongo on account of his orientation.

They alleged that the churches are quiet on the pertinent social ills plaguing the country, such as child marriages, rape, violence and corruption, among other ills. Some of the Zimbabweans online called on the churches to show the same energy in speaking out for the rights of vulnerable and persecuted people.

Others also called on the churches not to impose their morality and standards on everyone. Some argued that they have no issues with Somizi and his lifestyle choices and that the ACCZ should not purport to speak for them.


Zimbabweans Slam Churches For Blocking Somizi Visit Because He Is Openly Gay
Zimbabweans Slam Churches For Blocking Somizi Visit Because He Is Openly Gay


Below are some of the reactions of Zimbabweans online on the issue of churches blocking Somizi from cooking at a restaurant function.


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