A Southview man who went missing for close to three weeks was found dead in decomposing state.

The man Anotida Darious Chanaka,35, reportedly committed suicide by drinking rat poison after sending an extra marital affair confession message to his wife.

In the message he confessed to having an extra marital affair with a workmate whom he said squandered his money before telling him heart breaking words.

His relatives have suspected foul play finger pointing the girlfriend before requesting the corpse to retaliate on its own.

He was found along Mubaira road close to Kefalous road and at the scene the relatives performed a ‘ritual ceremony’ to retaliate.

The missing person case was reported at Mbudzi Round police under 4920781 for Anotida Darious Chanaka 15/7/86.

Anotida was buried at Granville Cemetery yesterday (Tuesday).

Family spokesperson Cleopas Chanaka said the truth has to come out.

“We just want the truth to be known and my brother has to revenge on his own,” he said.

“Hie my love, I love you so much, thanks for your love, you had great love, ndaikutadzira but wakaramba vakashinga, ndinokutenda ndakusiira hupfumi hwese ndehwako, usaite kuti paite munhu angazokuvhiringa, you should fight even ndanga ndakaita zvandanga ndakaita, wakaramba vakashinga.

“Uchengete vana.

“Chinhu chaita ndikusiye inyaya yemusikana wekuLobels, mota yandaishandisa ndeyemusikana iyeye, taidanana, ndakabuda mari yakawanda other than that car now akundiudza mazishoko andibaya, akashandisa police kuti indisunge…”

H-Metro visited the scene where Anotida was found dead and the first witness Precious Sixpence narrated how he discovered the corpse.

“I saw him on Saturday around 5pm before I went home and found the body on the same position.

“Then several people came on Sunday morning and he had his phone and police came as well.

“Beatrice police came at the scene and a call was made to Round About police to confirm if he was the missing person.

“His wife came to confirm but his body was already decomposed, but she was able to identify him.”

Another witness said:

“I think vakamuuraya, vakauya vakamukanda pano, it’s foul play because apa vaida kuti zviite as if anga adhakwa.

“Aidzura huswa like kurwadziwa, he had changed colour due to decomposition.”

At the scene relatives made a prayer:

“We are your parents here, if its someone who injured you, we want you to retaliate.

“Enda kwaari munhu wacho iye.”

Another witness said:

“He had his phone close to his head but it was off. The poison and his bag were by his side.

“All the rat poison was opened and as you can see, its giving shape on how he was lying on the ground.

“So we suspect foul play because the poison is only on his legs, there is no sign of it in his hands.

“It’s like they ferried him to this place after they had killed him,” added the source.

His sister also made a ritual.

“My brother, soko mukanya, ndapota if there is someone who killed you, don’t sleep my brother.

“I beg you to revenge, don’t sleep my brother, wake up today and look for people who did this to you,” she said.

One of the pastors said:

“The problem of suicides is getting worse these days.

“It’s not a good thing and as pastors we urge people not take their lives but when you have problems look for counselors who can help you,” he said.

– HMetro