Two Victoria Ranch tenants in Masvingo, a mother and her daughter bashed their landlord on 29 September and then went on to refuse to pay rent or surrender keys for their rooms.

The landlady Vonile Moyo (50) was briefly detained at Masvingo Provincial Hospital after sustaining injuries.

Sekai Mangeya (39) and Privilege Mangeya (15) were sentenced to 10 months in prison by magistrate Patience Madondo when they appeared before her on October 9 2021.

Five months of the sentence were suspended on condition that the two are not going to commit the same offence in a period of 1 year. The pair will serve 5 months.

The two assaulted Moyo who stays in Mucheke D after she went to the Ranch to collect rent from her house there.

It is understood that the accused had not paid rent for several months.

When the complainant got there she found no one at home and later noticed that they were at a nearby house. She then asked for the rent and accused refused to give her. She then asked for her keys to the rooms with the intention of removing them from her house but they again refused.

Sekai pushed Moyo to the ground and assaulted her together with her daughter using open arms and clenched fists.

Moyo reported the case to Police leading to the arrest of the two.

Tarisai Muvengi prosecuted the case.

– Mirror