A man from Tsvakai Village under Chief Shindi in Chivi threw his 15-year-old daughter onto his bed and attempted to rape her after offering to pay US$10 for the act.

Eliah Isheanesu Chikova (48) had offered to buy her daughter a battery for her old phone or buy a new phone completely if she was to accept his demands.

When the girl refused Chikova pushed the daughter onto his bed and went on top of her, pinned her down, lifted her dress to above the waist and removed her skintight pants. The girl only managed to free herself after biting the father with her teeth.

Chivi magistrate Patience Madondo sentenced Chikova to 1-year in jail after he appeared before her on October 9 2021.She suspended .He will serve an effective 1 year in prison.

It is the State case that on October 7, 2020, Chikova came back home from the beerhall at around 4am. He found his fifteen-year-old daughter sleeping with her two younger siblings and sent the complainant to the kitchen to collect a winnowing pan whilst he went to his bedroom.

The complainant proceeded to her father’s bedroom with the winnowing pan where she found him in his underpants only. Chikova then offered his daughter US$10 and told her that he wanted to have se_xual intercourse with her.

She refused and the accused raised the stakes and offered to buy her a new battery or a new phone.

She again refused and Chikova then grabbed her and threw her onto his bed. When the girl ran out of the room, Chikova threatened to kill her if she told anyone about what had just happened. She told the girl that these were just family secrets.

The matter was reported to Police leading to the arrest of Chikova.

– Mirror