ZAPU says it will soon engage its party's former liberation war allies with a view of mobilising financial resources and party regalia ahead of the 2023 elections.

It is targeting countries such as Russia, Algeria and South Africa among others where ZIPRA fighters received military training and logistical support during the war.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo Monday, the party's newly elected president Sibangilizwe Nkomo said he will soon embark on an international tour to solicit support for the party.

"We are now switching to the national campaign mode, and we all know that we need to immediately embark on a resource mobilization exercise. Our old friends from the pre-independence era shall be visited with immediate effect to revive the needed relationships and new friendships shall be cultivated and forged to make sure that we are also able to bring containers of Zapu regalia from abroad for the campaign," Nkomo said.

"That therefore means the leadership must be organized and presentable to the international community," he said.

He also revealed that members of the Zapu National Executive Committee (NEC) will be touring all the provinces in the country to drum up support.

"Immediately after the congress, the presidency and NEC shall be visiting all our province including those in the diaspora to make sure that we belong to our branches and it is those branches that gave us the mandate. We cannot afford to have leaders that are imposed on our people as that will be in violation of our culture and practice as a party," he said.

Asked if Zapu will join the Political Actors Dialoque (Polad) Nkomo vowed that his party will never join the outfit.

"Right now, we are busy building our party's structures. We do not have any intention of joining POLAD or forging alliances with anybody," he clarified.

Source - NewZimbabwe