Social media users have taken to the internet to sympathise with former Orlando Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro after he lost his house and a fleet of luxurious cars to the woman he started seeing after breaking up with his South African ex-wife Thando Maseko.
Former Warriors striker Tendai Ndoro is reported to have registered his house and his cars in his wife’s name. However, after their breakup, she grabbed all his properties and kicked him out of the Kyalami Estates home.
The once rich and famous footballer has been left wallowing in poverty and with nothing to show for all his huge earnings while playing in South Africa.
A number of people are mocking and criticizing Tendai Ndoro for making the “huge mistake” of registering all his fixed properties as well as luxury motor vehicles in his wife’s name.

However, some are sympathizing with him during this difficult phase he is going through.

Here are some of the comments;

Gerrard Kadzuwa

Our brothers wake up wake up lucky enough she didn’t hire gangster’s to shoot him that’s the behaviour South African women they prefer to harvest where they didn’t sow I feel sorry ur pain ndoro where was Zimbabwean ladies we had beautiful ones and natural

Tsi Phillip

Today’s marriages are not permanent so we need to be very careful when we sign wills, both Men and Women because to some of us, marriage is like a business. So let’s try to avoid marriage in community of property. Because many Men in particular have become victims because the system was designed in favour of Women. Sorry my brother you’re not the first and shall never be the last. I feel your pain really! But never give up, although it’s depressing but just do what you can with your life and ignore what you can’t do

Busie Nonie

Ezibuhlungu azipheli shem..This thing of some females using men as a stepping stone is really wrong..
I hope this brother will bounce back..

Khumbulani Penuel Nyamane

All I’m saying she will pay, what goes around comes around. Pick yourself and fight Champ, you only lost the round not the war💪

Mpho Tholakae

Tendai focus my boy focus these are earthly things you can get them again even times two. Just focus on yourself to recover I’m sure you hurting but all will be well. Karma will resonate with you definitely you still part of the human ultimate chance to live better life.


Dennis Gesh Dlamini

Actual in almost divorces females take alot the law favours them : They were happy and managed to agree to have Properties in the wife,s name, what all wives would like it hence on sad days the wife changes to a fraudster God is watching : Ndoro indoda iwa namhla kusasa iphinde ivuke those are assets you might have lost your life: You are a born professional hence you came across this be strong braa God will answer your cries.
Isha N Kanneh
O my Goodness
Love goes where it can not be accepted. Take heart my brother God will surely bless you again
Corinne Matheson
KARMA will deal with her we all make mistakes and also learn from our mistakes you will rise again never say never the sky’s the limit. I wish you well with lots of blessings 👍