The Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), a ZESA subsidiary has released Power Column Q3, 2021 which details the progress made on several projects dotted across the country. Pindula News presents the report.

Power Column Q3 2021

ZPC noted general improvement in generation in the 3rd quarter of 2021, after having sent out a total of 2,203GWh, thereby surpassing its target by 7.69%.  Kariba Power Station contributed 64% of the total energy production in the period under review, with 5% exported to Nam Power.  Hwange Power Station supplied 33% and the small thermals 3%. Generation was constrained at thermal stations mainly because of low plant availability caused by aged plant.

As at the end of the third quarter Kariba Power Station had utilised 17.645Bm3 of water leaving 3.355Bm3 for generation for the rest of the year. Zambezi River Authority allocated 30Bm3 to Kariba North and Kariba South Power Stations for generation in 2021. Kariba South Power Station had an annual water allocation of 15Bm3, which corresponds to an annual average capacity of 381MW. The water allocation was later reviewed to 42Bm3 which translates to 21Bm3 per utility. This increased the Annual Average Capacity from 381MW to 550MW.  The lake level dropped from 482.70m at the beginning of the quarter to 480.93m at the end of September 2021. This represented a 1.77m decrease in lake level over the quarter. The lake level at the end of the same quarter last year was 479.85m.

The Hwange Expansion Project continues to progress well, having commenced the third quarter at 67.97% and closing at 72.18%.  The project is however behind schedule due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in low levels of manpower on site as a result of travel restrictions. 

ZPC has also made headway on the Deka Upgradation Project. The Contractor has mobilized to site to commence the project, with equipment at ports of entry to Zimbabwe and setting up of the contractors’ camp and other preparations for construction in progress. 

Stringing of the new transmission and distribution line from Hwange to Sherwood substation under the Expansion Project commenced in July 2021, and a distance of approximately 120km out of 360km has been covered to date.  With this exercise in place, a number of households also known as Project Affected Persons (PAPs) located on the transmission line wayleave from Hwange to Insukamini are in the process of being relocated under the ZPC Relocation Action Programme (RAP).  

Construction of new houses for the affected parties commenced in August this year at Hope Fountain, Mazwi, Kloof, Stevenson Farm, Epping Forest, Sawmills, Gwayi Siding, Bambanani, and Chezhou sites.  Completion is expected by December 2021.

Meanwhile, ZPC is also working on the relocation of Ingagula residents. Land has already been acquired in Empumalanga low and medium density for the relocation project and construction is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2022.

ZPC remains grateful to the men and women who remain committed to keep the lights on, despite all the challenges that the organization faces. The world has had to fight the covid-19 pandemic which threatened millions of lives over the past two years, and we have not been spared from this scourge.  We remember the souls of our departed colleagues.  May their souls rest in peace. 

In conclusion, we keep encouraging all our stakeholders to mask up, sanitize, practice social distancing and get vaccinated.