How many times have you come across denigrating jabs aimed demeaning Gokwe and its natives on social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and so on?

Before you answer that- how often have you seen statements like ‘Gokwe Yapindira’ posted with accompanying images of supposedly backward people, on social media?

Definitely more often than not!

And, in the wake of these bloated vilifications aimed at debasing Gokwe and its people, a 21-year old artist from the cotton-growing Midlands has embarked on a musical journey to demystify the myths and misperceptions about this part of the Province.

“Gokwe ndiyo ine yese, Baba,” said Mr Blackie, a talented reggae/dancehall crooner from the agrarian town.

demystifying the myths… Mr Blackie is a man on a mission

Mr Blackie (real name Lovejoy Malvin Moyo) told our Arts Entertainment crew who were on a tour of Gokwe that the town oozes with untapped musical talent that is in diametric contrast to the denigrations on social media.

“I think as a community, we have a point to prove. We have often been portrayed as a backward and out-of-touch people by some reckless netizens on social media. You’ll be shocked to find out that there are more talented artists here in Gokwe than, perhaps, in Harare, believe me, you” said Mr Blackie.

“There are certain misinformed people who think that Gokwe is completely rural yet there is an urban centre with banks, supermarkets and modern buildings just like any other town in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The ex-Hovana High School student started his music career in 2018 and he recorded his first single track titled How Long at Greenston Entertainment in Gokwe town.

“After 2018, I started being recognized by different organizations who started giving me a platform to showcase my talent. When the World Health Organization was working on a drive to conscientise the people about the importance of circumcision, they invited me to perform at their road shows”, said the artist.

The Agricultural Business Centre (ABC) also roped in the services of the youthful artist to market their products in road shows.

“My musical journey took a dramatic change on October 27 when I had an encounter with Boss Madro of Join Africa Business Network,” Mr Blackie quipped.

“The Boss of the Blacks or B.O.B, as Boss Madro is otherwise called, realized the talent that I had and he decided to finance me so that I could take my music to better levels. We are currently working on his JAtv and B.O.B has made me realize that I can be a better musician than I was before,” he said.

Added Mr Blackie:

“I have also been getting free video shoots from Log Flame Arts- a filming organization under Isheunesu Dube”.

To date, Mr Blackie has shared the stage with notable artists who include Poptain, Bazooka, Boss Pumacol and Jah Master.

The 21-year old artist also had a collaboration with Uncle Epatan on a song called Mambure.