Lasizwe‘s latest guest appearance on “Who Got Chowed” has Mzansi roaring with laughter after he declared himself “an active virgin”. The comedian was recently featured on the YouTube show, hosted by Lesego Tlhabi, commonly known as the character Coconut Kelz.

In the episode, the two talked everything, from politics, to LGBTQI+, to religion, and traumas. The catchy phrase was uttered by Lasizwe, when the two of them were presented with a platter of sausages. Picking up one sausage, Coconut Kelz asked if it gave him memories, to which Lasizwe replied, “This actually reminds me of one of my exes”. We wonder which one he meant 🤔

Talking politics, Lasizwe declared his support for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, saying that they have always been pro-LGBTQI+. Coconut Kelz did not seem to buy the story, though, and seems to draw support from some tweeps regarding the political parties stance on the community.



The comedian has been open about his political affiliations, though. In fact, he just recently became the party’s president for the LGBTQI+. He made the announcement on his social media pages, sharing a video posted by a tweep, showing the celebrity’s face on an EFF poster labelled “President of the LGBTQI+”

Source: News365