Deadline Extension for renewal of  Clearing Agents Licences for 2022 

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) advises remaining registered Customs Clearing Agents that  applications for the Agents Bond license renewal for the year 2022 which must be done on e-Form No. 64 has  been extended from 31st October 2021 to 30th November 2021  


Applications must be submitted electronically through the ZIMRA ASYCUDA platform. Where necessary,  applications must be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documentation in conformity with the standard requirements. 

Standard requirements for Agents bond registration are circulated separately through the recognised Clearing  Agents Associations or may be forwarded directly to individuals on request. Each Customs Clearing Agent’s  Outstanding transactions or issues in the ASYCUDA System (e.g. Registered entries, Outstanding Y Assessments, Outstanding Form 45s etc.) of more than 30 days prior to the date of online application for renewal must have been cleared or fully accounted for in the ASYCUDA System. [Note that the System automatically flags all Outstanding transactions outside the 30-day cut-off period – and then instantly blocks the entire online application, till all the Outstanding transactions are cleared.  

Outstanding manually processed transactions (e.g. Applications for Temporary Importation Privileges (ATIPs),  Embargoes, Report Orders etc.) must have been acquitted directly with the Port of Entry or Station of  Jurisdiction prior to the lodgment of the online application for renewal in the ASYCUDA System [Note that cross-checking mechanisms are in use for this purpose]. 

NB – Clearance of all Outstanding transactions in the System or Manually processed transactions and their subsequent follow-ups must be directed to the Port of Entry, Station or Region of Jurisdiction until cleared.

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