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    Musician Makhadzi attacked after her half-naked photo went viral (SEE PIC)

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 05 Oct 2021

    MUSICIAN Makhadzi has pleaded with people to stop bullying her.

    This after Twitter user Mitchell Brown trolled her.

    Mitchell shared Makhadzi’s up-close photos and wrote: “This combo and water it’s importantar.”

    Mitchell followed up the post by saying: “I’m 32 but I look like I’m 14.”

    The post saw a few haters attacking Makhadzi for the revealing photos, which prompted her to post an apology.

    In her post she apologised for the photo and said she does not understand why the photographer decided to use that particular photo.

    “I would like to apologise to all my fans who were disappointed by this picture. There were lots of beautiful pictures that the cameraman could post. But he chose to post this one in order to promote his brand, forgetting the damage he was doing to my soul,” she wrote.

    “I know I’m strong and this will pass. Unfortunately, I cannot change the inner part. I am like this and I am proud. I humble myself and politely ask everyone to stop humiliating me. I don’t have energy to block you, I love you all,” she said.

    Makhadzi’s post touched her fans and industry friends who took turns consoling her.

    Actress Florence Masebe said: “Makhadzi did not need to apologise.”

    Khadzinator wrote: “Makhadzi, we love you. Continue to work. You’ll be protected by us. No form of bullying or humiliation will come between us.”

    Noko Manaka commented: “Makhadzi, keep moving my sister. We are inspired by your music and dedication. There is absolutely nothing they can do to make us see you differently. You remain an African icon and inspiration to many of us. Jealousy is a dangerous thing, especially among women.”

    – Daily Sun



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    16 Oct 2021

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