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    Man (25) killed by sister’s ‘boyfriend’ (17) after confronting him for impregnating her

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 14 Oct 2021

    Zimbabwe Republic Police has confirmed the arrest of a suspect (17) in connection with the murder of Lloyd Sibanda (25).

    The suspect hit the victim with a stone on the head on 26/09/21 after the victim had confronted him for impregnating his sister.

    The victim was injured and sent to hospital however, he eventually succumbed to the injuries on 11/10/21.

    Meanwhile, the ZRP urges firearm owners to licence firearms and renew expired firearm licences.

    Those with late relatives who were in possession of licensed firearms must quickly surrender them to the Police as required in terms of the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09.

    Of late the ZRP has recorded cases of firearms which are improperly secured at homes and those left by late relatives being robbed by criminals who go on to use them to commit various crimes.



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    16 Oct 2021

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