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    Gold miners die after inhaling toxic gases

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 14 Oct 2021

    Three illegal gold miners panning for the mineral at JC Mine, Surprise near Shurugwi died on Wednesday after inhaling toxic gases believed to be emitted from a shaft.
    The deceased are Gilbert Makusha (26), Mabuto Vusa (21) and Barnabas Muzila (26) all from Dombojena Village under Chief Nhema.
    Midlands acting Police spokesperson Xolani Dube confirmed the case.
    Sources told The Mirror that the deceased were pumping water 20m underground using a petrol water pump. Makusha entered the shaft to check water levels and inhaled the toxic gas and died. Mabuto and Muzila followed later and they were also both gassed to death.
    The bodies were discovered by Makusha ‘s brother who reported the case at Shurugwi Police Station.




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    16 Oct 2021

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