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    Govt receives migration draft policy

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 11 Oct 2021

    THE Home Affairs ministry has been handed a draft national migration policy in order to initiate a process towards approval of the document by Cabinet.

    This was revealed yesterday by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which said the policy would address challenges the country faces in relation to migration issues.

    “Over three days, thematic experts from the ministries of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage; Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Industry and Commerce; Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development; Health and Child Care, Foreign Affairs and International Trade; Local Government and Public Works; Environment, Tourism and Hospitality; Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Department of Immigration,  Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services and development partners Unicef [United Nations Children’s Fund] and ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross] critically evaluated the draft policy and made revisions before the draft was endorsed by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Migration,” IOM said in a statement.

    “The endorsed draft policy was handed over to Home Affairs ministry secretary Aaron Nhepera to initiate the process towards Cabinet approval.”

    Last week, Nhepera told delegates at a migration workshop in Victoria Falls that government would ensure the country’s migration policies are in line with the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.



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