POLITICIANS are speaking the same language on the need for an overdue all-inclusive dialogue in the country to end the decades-long political and economic crises in the nation, but have been unnecessarily haggling on what platform to use for the talks.

With the 2023 harmonised elections fast-approaching, the need for dialogue is now to avoid the polls becoming a charade.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC and Nelson Chamisa, as the three main political actors in the country, must subordinate their parties’ egos and dialogue the country out of the myriad of challenges it is facing.

The church, civil society and all other interest groups should be part of the talks for the country to have a long lasting solution to the challenges that have been a hindrance to both economic and social development.

It is common cause to the political gladiators that Zimbabwe needs serious political reforms before the 2023 polls to avoid them being disputed as has been the norm since 2000.

Reforms are needed to level the playing field ahead of the polls.

There have always been complaints from the opposition and the civic society on a number of issues, among them the professionalism of the security sector, the composition of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and alleged biased public media coverage of the opposition before, during and after polls.

The concerns are quite genuine and need to be addressed way before the election to give them legitimacy and credibility.

Every Zimbabwean must be steadfast on the need for reforms for the good of the nation. These are clearly what the nation wants.

Among some of the reforms the country must consider and have are a clean voters roll, completion of media reforms; the completion of legislative reforms, security sector re-alignment and staffing of Zec, the full compliance by Zimbabwe with the Sadc electoral guidelines on free and fair elections; and the putting in place of mechanisms to ensure that violence will not be a factor in the said election.

The prevailing situation in the country is a loud clarion call for enactment of these reforms, gladly Mnangagwa seems to be keen to reform.

Without these reforms, the 2023 elections would probably be hollow and unacceptable to the electorate, the region and international community. 

It’s as simple as that!