SUNGURA musician Peter Moyo believes he has finally managed to step out of his father’s shadow thanks to his latest album Kumaricho KwaMoyo, which many have described as his most original to date.

Since he took over as the leader of Utakataka Express after his father Tongai Moyo succumbed to non-Hodgkin cancer in 2011, music fans and critics alike have continually compared him to the Muridzi Wenyaya hit-maker.

Young Igwe, as Peter is widely known by his fans, is convinced that through Kumaricho KwaMoyo  he has shown that he is now his own man.

“From the feedback I am getting from the fans, people are testifying the album is so original and different from the ones produced by my father. 

“The market response is just encouraging and awesome. I have realised that I would never reach Canaan if I kept following in his footsteps. We are two different people and I will never be like him but I can only be a better version of myself,” Peter said.

The album, recorded at K.O.M Studios, is made up of songs: Mukundi Wangu, Kutaura Nedenga, Sirivhiya featuring Baba Harare and Madiz, Mwana Wedangwe, Moses Ndizarurire, Rufu featuring Freeman and Chinokanganwa Idemo.

“The latest album is what I call Peter Moyo. That’s my all,” he told the Daily News.

He said he was unable to rely on Utakataka Express due to lockdowns imposed by the government to contain the Covid-19 pandemic

“Before the lockdowns were introduced, we used to assemble as a band, rehearse and come up with what we thought were the best tunes for recording.

“But owing the lockdowns, our movements were heavily affected hence the decision to compose all the tunes and lyrics alone.  The feedback is positive and going forward, I will do it alone,” Young Igwe told the Daily News.

The Mopao Mokonzi singer could not be drawn into singling out the best song on the new album.

“I have invested a lot in my latest album. I took five months working on it and I am glad that fans have fallen in love with it. 

“I am not worried about producing a hit song as I want all my songs to receive fair share of airplay on the market. 

“Hit songs tend to overshadow other tracks on the album,” Moyo said.

Growing up, Moyo wanted to be a professional footballer but was, however, forced to join the music industry after the death of his famous father a decade ago.

“I am no longer interested in football. All I want now is to produce good music under brand Peter Moyo,” he said.

Moyo has five studio albums under his sleeve and these are: Mushonga Mukuru (2013), Mabasa aMwari (2015), Mopao Mokonzi (2017) and Mwana WeMurozvi (2019) and Maricho KwaMoyo (2021).