Josphat SOMANJE sang a song whose name l no not.

But the song talks to me. About us.

It says;

We suffer but we don’t accuse anyone as being the cause of our plight

You sleep the sleep of Kings while we toil endlessly as we run around

But you are all righteous and accuse us as the cause of every calamity that befalls you.

Why do you accuse us even when we don’t dare point our fingers at you, the real cause of our predicament?

Even in my drunken stupor, l can tell that Josphat Somanje is singing about the class struggles in Karl Marx’s Das Capital, where Zanu PF strangles the rest of us.

Am sorry Josphat Somanje, but this is what your song says.

Josphat Somanje – Hope dzeumambo (Lyrics)
Pamakore iwaya apfuura ,vamwe maitorara hope dzeumambo
Pamairara dzeumambo isu taitodzengerera
Nyangwe taitodzengerera; asi hapana watakananga
Nyangwe taitodzungaira asi hatina kunenedzera
Kana taishupika, asi hatina kunanga munhu
Zvedu taitonetseka asi hatina kutuka munhu

Ndimi munongotadzirwa mega
Inga munongoshorwa mega
Sei munongobirwa imi mega
Ndimi munongoroiwa mega
Imi muchivagonera zvese
Pfungwa dzinongoshupika asi hatisikunanga munhu
Pfungwa dzinongonetseka asi hatisikunanga munhu