Zimbabwean gospel rapper, socialite and author Mudiwa Hood has released a snippet from his upcoming book titled “Dear Wife To Be.” Reactions to the book’s excerpt have been mixed, with many people expressing contrasting emotions.

According to Mudiwa Hood, the book is being written for visionary women who do not want their standards to be lowered by societal expectations. In the book, the gospel artist will also be giving relationship advice to women on how they can make their relationships work

In chapter one of his book, Mudiwa advises women to avoid broke men at all costs. He also tells women not to be afraid to be termed “gold diggers” saying that love does not pay the bills.

Sharing snippets from his book on social media, Mudiwa Hood wrote,


In Chapter 1

Avoid a Broke man at all costs!

Random parts from the book

…Men literally have one job. DON’T be broke!

They don’t get pregnant. They don’t have kids.

Ladies, don’t be carried away by emotions. Love alone doesn’t pay bills…

Not avoiding a broke man means walking on eggshells. They ooze out low self esteem and they will infect you with it. You will be constantly careful not to make them feel bad for being BROKE. A broke man has a fragile ego that you must keep massaging just to make him feel better.

You have no business sharing a bed with a guy who has nothing to offer himself. You have to love yourself enough to stay away….



Avoid a broke men at all costs !!

….in the same chapter

Woman, do not be afraid to be called a gold digger, it is only a weapon men use against women with high standards!

The term “gold digger” has nothing to do with women or money, NO!, it is about men!

It is a war on egoism and entitlement!

It is a term used to create comfort in lazy and unambitious men, by stating clearly that women should not ask, want, or expect anything.

It is all about the insecurity of being able to match up to the financial standards of other men.

I personally do not believe gold diggers exists, these are women with high standards.

People who throw the word “gold digger” out the most are people with a broke mindset, no plans, unambitious and miserable… people who are afraid that once women wise up and know their worth, they’ll be left out in the cold alone. Well….my sister, I’m here to say, that isn’t YOUR problem.

The book all women will Love…


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Unsurprisingly, given the nature of his book’s subject content and whom it is directed at, the snippet elicited mixed reactions.

Some people, especially women embraced Mudiwa’s sentiments and applauded him for speaking directly on issues that men shy away from or find uncomfortable. Other people slated Mudiwa for thinking that he can prescribe what women should do when he is not a woman. Others questioned how he thinks he can dispense relationship advice when his marriage collapsed within a few years. However, some said that Mudiwa is in the best position to give advice because of his failed marriage. Others seemed not to be impressed by Mudiwa’s style of writing.

Below are some of the reactions to the snippet of Mudiwa Hood’s book, “Dear Wife To Be,”


Mudiwa Hood published his first motivational book, ‘Shut Up And Make Money: Mindset is Everything” last year. His friend and businessman, Chamu Chiwanza purchased 2 copies of the book for US$700. The book retails for US$10.


What do you think about the snippets from Mudiwa Hood’s latest book?