Social Economic Action Transformation for Humanity (SEATH) in conjunction with Chosen Generation (CG) and Zimbabwe Youth Relief and Development Trust (ZIMYORD) last week donated clothes to disabled squatters living in shacks at Mucheke bus terminus.

The disabled squatters have been living at Mucheke bus terminus for close to a decade with the authorities turning a blind eye on their plight.

SEATH, CG and ZIMYORD officials said they found it fit to help the disadvantaged in the community calling on the government to chip in and provide shelter for the disabled squatters.

“These people have been ignored for far too long and it is our hope that the government will chip in and provide proper shelter for them.

“The donation we made was the little we could do so that they do not feel isolated or abandoned.

“You find that the squatters have survived a lot of the years and the Covid-19 pandemic threatens their existence hence the need to take appropriate actions now,” said SEATH founder Tendai Mafuka.

The disabled squatters survive from handouts and begging in the streets.

One of the beneficiaries who found a home at the Mucheke bus terminus because he was abandoned by relatives when his parents died while he was still young said he was stigmatized because of his epileptic condition.

“I ran away from home because all my parents passed away when I was young and no one wanted to take care of me because I suffer from epilepsy.

“I found it easy here in the streets where I can beg for money to buy my medication and to buy food.

“The donation is a sign that there are people out there who still care about us,” said the beneficiary.

The ambassador of young people with disabilities and the director of Chosen Generation Vimbai Chese expressed gratitude towards the donations saying they go a long way in alleviating some of the challenges faced by the disadvantaged people in society.