ZAMBIA – A swarm of bees reportedly sent by an angry man on Tuesday this week attacked a teacher and pupils at Senanga Basic School in Senanga District of Western Province after the school authority denied his daughter a place in Grade One.

Mr Bright Sitali’s daughter was denied a place in Grade one because she is underage. But that did not go well with the 30 year old spiritually armed Lozi man who decided to retaliate in a sophisticated manner forcing the School Head to surrender within minutes.

Mrs. Zulu and some grade 1 pupils where attacked by a swarm of bees on Tuesday and Mr Sitali when queried admitted being responsible for the attack.

On Tuesday, all the 45 Grade One pupils including Mrs Zulu their class teacher were admitted at Senanga District Hospital aided by drips.

The onlookers narrated that bees entered into the office of a female Grade 1 teacher Mrs. Zulu who was busy marking books for her pupils and started attacking her.

Bees made Mrs. Zulu dance around the office hopelessly and, jumped outside while shouting for help.

When she called the School headteacher for help , the headteacher shouted back saying it is only God who can help in her situation.

” Please ,it is only God who can help you in this situation. Yes, i am your headteacher ,but I am limited of what I can do. I am praying for your my teacher.” The headteacher responded through a tightly closed window.

Mrs. Zulu, pupils and bees’ battle stopped after a courageous pupil promptly made fire to save their lives.

After the were rescued the pupils and teacher who almost kissed dust where rushed to the hospital where they were put on drips unconsciously.

A check at Senanga Hospital yesterday found few pupils who were unable to talk and walk and were later discharged from the hospital and are receiving treatment from home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Most of the pupils today at Senanga Basic School have not reported to school fearing bees.

Bees have since camped near the school awaiting for further instructions from Mr Sitali their Commander In Chief. Meanwhile, the school management yesterday unconditionally agreed to allow Mr Sitali’s daughter (Nasilele Sitali) to start Grade One despite being underage for the sake of peace at the learning institution and has since been exempted from paying school PTA funds upto Grade 9. Its not yet clear whether this gesture by the School Management will compel the Lozi warlord to withdraw his forces.

Two years ago during a ward by-election in Senanga, over 400 PF supporters were attacked by the same bees when they tried to attack Royd Sitali, the Bee Commander’s young brother.