The sudden d3ath of 14-year-old Yeukai Dandara, who tragically passed away a week after giving birth to twins, has been marred by controversy and demands for compensation from her grieving family. The circumstances surrounding her untimely demise, including allegations of incest and negligence, have further deepened the community’s grief.

Yeukai’s lifeless body currently rests at Sally Mugabe Hospital’s mortuary, awaiting a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of her tragic d3ath. However, before agreeing to bury their beloved daughter, the Dandara family has locked horns with the Zhanje family, demanding compensation for their loss.

Initially, the Dandara family requested a sum of US$1,500 as compensation, but they later reduced their demand to one cow and seven goats. The reasons behind their demands remain rooted in the tragic circumstances leading up to Yeukai’s passing. It has been revealed that the young girl was allegedly impregnated by her 24-year-old nephew, Tatenda Zhanje, a fact that was kept hidden from the public following a family meeting.

According to insiders familiar with the situation, Yeukai’s parents are deceased, and during her stay in Dandara village in Murehwa, she was subjected to repeated s3xual abuse by Tatenda. The abuse continued until she became pregnant. In an attempt to conceal the incestuous relationship and the resulting pregnancy from the community, both Yeukai and Tatenda were made to relocate to the Glenwood suburb in Harare.

Yeukai reportedly underwent a Caesarean section at Sally Mugabe Maternity Hospital.

“She did not show any signs of complications after giving birth. Her body is expected to undergo a post-mortem examination tomorrow (today) before we take it for burial in Murehwa,” Tatenda stated.

While the exact cause of Yeukai’s tragic d3ath remains unknown, medical experts suggest that the physical strain imposed on her young and developing body during pregnancy and childbirth may have contributed to complications. Additionally, the emotional burden of caring for two newborns at such a tender age could have exacerbated the challenges she faced.

As news of Yeukai’s heartbreaking d3ath reverberates through Dandara village, some villagers have expressed their outrage and threatened to stage demonstrations against the Zhanje family. They claim that Tatenda’s alleged abuse of an orphaned child was overlooked, further fueling the community’s demand for justice.