Kudakwashe Zvobgo, a 32-year-old man from Chitungwiza, has found himself in hot water after allegedly mishandling 3 live AK-47 rounds.

Zvobgo recently appeared in court facing charges of contravening the Firearms Act for insecure ammunition.

According to prosecutors, Zvobgo participated in a shooting competition in Harare in April where he was issued the 3 live AK-47 rounds to use during the event. However, instead of using the ammunition at the competition, Zvobgo allegedly took the rounds home with him.

After the event, Zvobgo passed through Mbare while carrying the live rounds in his possession. He slept overnight in Joburg lines in Mbare still with the ammunition.

On June 9, police conducting an operation in Mbare arrested Lameck Nyamuyaruka who was found in possession of the 3 AK-47 live rounds. Nyamuyaruka allegedly implicated Zvobgo as the person who had given him the rounds.

Police subsequently arrested Zvobgo on June 12. He was charged with contravening the Firearms Act for insecure ammunition and granted $100,000 bail.

Zvobgo now faces the consequences for his allegedly dangerous mishandling of the live ammunition after the competition, landing him in deep trouble in court. He will return to court on July 28 to answer the charges