Stunner’s ex-girlfriend Mazekeen Jade has spilt the beans on why she broke up with her free-spirited boyfriend earlier this year.

Rapper Stunner and his girlfriend Mazekeen Jade kept Zimbos online talking due to their relationship drama. Speculation ran rife that the couple had broken up after Mazekeen Jade posted intimate pictures with another man, who she claimed was the father of her child in August.

That time, she came out and said there was no drama between her and Stunner and that the pictures were old. On the other hand, Stunner declared that he did not want her or anything to do with her and that he had moved on. He also accused her of being a gold digger who wanted him to provide for her financially.

Mazekeen recently went live on Instagram and spoke about her relationship with Stunner. She revealed they broke up in June this year for good. Mazekeen said the rapper could not keep up anymore.

She disclosed that at some point in their relationship, she discovered another woman was taking care of him. All respect for him vanished, she added:

“I could not deal with the fact that he needed another woman to pay his dues.”

Mazekeen Jade also recalled the first days they met and spoke glowingly of her relationship with Stunner. She said initially, she did not know who he was:

“We just met, and I thought he was nice, humble and sweet but also as old as f__k. He could be my father. It was a good relationship, I will not lie. He gave me money. I just found out later where all this money was coming from. People started to tell me.”

Mazekeen said that when all these things emerged, she chose to chill. But one trigger pushed her to the edge:

“Something happened. I was very upset. I got drunk, went live and was talking sh_t. I let everything out, and from that time, I felt better. I exposed everything. I was high and spoke trash about him.

She added that at one time in South Africa, he bashed her and she reported him to the police, leading to his arrest.