INCARCERATED socialite Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai Titi, had her case of fraud postponed after the State said the complainant in the matter failed come to court because she had just given birth.

The matter was remanded to September 29.

The comedienne is facing fraud and theft of trust property charges after she failed to repay a US$10 000 debt and for using a hired car as collateral.

In May, she applied for discharge but her application was dismissed after the court ruled that there was overwhelming evidence against her.

In the first count, it is alleged that sometime in September 2022 and at corner Sam Nujoma Street and Speke Avenue, Mai Titi misrepresented to the complainant Rachel Mhuka that she was in need of US$10 000 for her business venture and would surrender her Mercedes Benz vehicle as surety. It, however, later emerged that the car was not hers.

It is alleged Mhuka bought into the misrepresentation and gave her US$10 000.

The comedienne later retrieved the vehicle from the complainant saying it did not belong to her and went on to give her another vehicle, an Audi as surety which she later took back again exchanging it with an invalid passport.

The complainant later returned it to the socialite who gave her the Audi back.

In January this year, police seized the vehicle from the complainant after discovering that it belonged to a car dealership named Else Event Car Hire.

It is alleged that by doing so, the accused person exhibited a high degree of dishonesty.

In the second count, Mai Titi approached the car rental company which is the complainant represented by director Liberty Vazhura intending to hire an Audi Q5 motor vehicle.

After securing the car, she allegedly became evasive, forcing Vazhura to report the matter to the police.